Wagga Autism Support Group



The Wagga Autism Support Group was started many years ago by Netty Aylward, who worked at Tolland Public School, with children with disabilities and their families. She started the group to encourage parents to share their experiences and provide each other with much needed support.

In around 2002 she passed the group on to parents to run as a parent group and we started a regular newsletter and continued with meetings. The group worked very hard to pull together support from community and politically to open the Aspect Satellite Class (now based at Sacred Heart school). This provides our community with another option in education for children and brings regular contact with ASPECT NSW.

In 2011 the group came together to officially form the Wagga Autism Support Group Incorporated.

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Some of the tasks we had set ourselves and achieved for 2013 was:

·     an updated 2013 version of the WASG handbook for services listed in Wagga;

·     an Autism conference for Wagga and surrounds with guest speakers from near and far;

·     continue the monthly newsletter and update website to advise parents of any upcoming events and workshops

To have a child with an autism spectrum disorder takes life as we know it and turns it upside down. There is much to learn for families and it can be a journey filled with anxiety – the Wagga Autism Support Group is there to help families through this time and with the support of the local community it can ease that journey.

Hello! Welcome to Wagga Wagga’s Autism Support Group.....